Convento dei frati francescani

Symposium Academy is a school of agri-food and tourism training situated in an ancient Franciscan Convent in RodengoSaiano, in the heart of Franciacorta: a land of excellence in the areas of wine, food, food and wine and tourism.

Symposium Academy thinks its training educational offer on the basis of the real demand of the artisan and business world.
This is possible thanks to the network it has created with more than 300 companies of the reference sectors, in Italian and Franciacorta land.
Symposium Academy gives young people the possibility of cultural and professional training in order to be ready for the world of work with all the up-to-date, specialised and highly requested technical skills.
Our educational idea is based on a strong and fruitful link between theory and practice.

The secretariat is at your disposal

For more information and support contact us: 030 2384917